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We at Dr.PGV School, follow XSeed Curriculum, which has a “5 Step Teaching Method”.

Dr.PGV Institutions

What is XSeed Curriculum?
In XSEED curriculum, teachers begin a class by clearly stating the learning goal, ask children what they know already, demonstrate an experiment or conduct a group activity, let children speak before they do, ensure the application questions are done independently, fiercely believe in practice, assess daily, and support each child individually. Our Vision is “To Provide the Best Education and help our Students become Confident, Creative and Independent”

Xseed Curriculum follows a 5-Step Process:

  1. Aim
  2. Assessment
  3. Action
  4. Application
  5. Analysis
  1. Aim – Students are clear about what they are going to learn and the outcomes of every lesson.
  2. Assessment – Get real-time feedback on conceptual understanding, applied thinking and English language fluency in order to improve performance
  3. Action –To experience concepts and understand their use and application in real life, students are allowed to perform an action or an activity.
  4. Application – Practice solving of real-world problems in the workbook to understand and build relevant skills
  5. Analysis – Reflect on the experience and ask probing questions to uncover and understand the concept further

How does XSEED prepare children for competitive or external examinations?

Most competitive exams require children to know the concept well and are able to apply it. With XSeed, the focus of teaching and learning is on analysis and application and not on rote memorization of the content. These skills prepare the students to understand the “Concept” and “Apply” it which will build Confidence in them to be ready to face any competitive or external examinations.

The XSEED methodology builds and assesses the following skills:

  • Conceptual Understanding Applied Thinking
  • Organized Expression
  • Reading
  • Applying rules & laws Analytical & Creative
  • Measuring & Calculating Reasoning & Solving
  • Inferring & Interpreting
  • Writing
  • Speaking & Presenting
  • Verbally
  • Comparing & Sorting Representing data in various visual forms
  • Summarizing & Concluding
  • Questioning & Observing Prediction & Estimation Designing & Constructing
Dr.PGV Institutions

This school follows Uniform syllabus up to X std and Higher Secondary course for + 1 and +2 which are being offered by the Government of Tamilnadu. We offer the following courses in Higher Secondary.

Group - I Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology
Group - II Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science
Group - III Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Nursing
Group - IV Commerce, Accountancy, Economics & Computer Science
Group - V Commerce, Accountancy, Economics & Business Mathematics
Second Language offered - Tamil and French

We have got Government recognition to this effect. The Medium of instruction is English. Having said this we insist in developing communication skills in English both spoken and written among our school students. G.K. and Moral Science form an Integral part of this school's curriculum.

Byju's Learning

The integration of technology in education enables the student to personalize the way students learn. It makes complex concepts visual and contextual, which will help students understand not just the "What" of learning it, but the "Why" and the "How”. It allows a combination of teachers and video lessons by the subject expers - explaining concepts by relating it to real life experiences. This improves understanding and retention of concepts for life.

Dr.PGV Institutions

Extra curriculur activities

Dr.PGV Institutions

Every school completely shuts all round development to Academic brilliance. In this school we do find a better balance between curriculum and extra curricular activities. In fact extra curricular excellence is our forte. Not only our Physical Education consists of routine stuff which is normally found every where but we teach Tai-Chi is what you call dancing meditation or moving meditation. This is becoming popular nowadays as the best relaxation techniques which a winner ought to practice.


India's gift to the world which is defiantly Yoga training is rather being gifted to gifted and would - be - gifted children. All students begin their day with Yoga training being made rather compulsory daily. It is being given prime importance and carried out fourdays per week and forms out highlight of any school function.

Dr.PGV Institutions

Club Activities

We have various clubs. It is no wonder scene that one finds in banks, post office and railway stations where even educated degree holders find it difficult to fill in various forms like DD,.Chelan, reservation and cancellation of tickets, money order etc and they do fill with the help of concerned authorities. Well PGVians in future will be able to stand on their own legs on such occasions.

Our K.G Section came up with the idea of conducting Science fair every year.The toddlers rose to the occasion. The primary and secondary and higher secondary level student continued further from where these K.G.Children left. Of course they held their torch burn brightly.

The English department has taken pains to conduct English project through this school's students. Most of them are live projects which makes even the spectators to involve in the project as various questions are put to them there by making them active listeners which went well with the audience for they found it quite interesting.

Dr.PGV Institutions

E- Learning

Not only students are taught theory in computer education. Further they have brought computer aided education in English, Maths & Science which is what is called E-learning.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance's importance was always there in the past and more so in the present. In PGV the P.G.Vians are given proper professional counseling to help them choose their group of study and carve their niche by making them realize their hidden capabilities.

Not only our education caters intellectual requirements but it takes a special care on physical aspects as well.

Social Outreach

Not stopping with its social turnaround at creating and empowering the society with education the group extended its social enterprise with a connect to rural sentiment. Its adoption of the Ponnuthu amman temple and the upgradation of facilities and infrastructure at the temple for devotees bring out a spiritual dimension to its personal

Not stopping at the spiritual level, the school extends its relationships with its social environs by encouraging sporting activity at its infrastructure for its rural audience

It nurtures and grooms local talent available in and around Chinnathadagam by providing them infrastructure and opportunity for sports.

A pointer in this direction is the extension of its facility to the Thadagam Lotus Volleyball Club, celebrating national level volleyball players, to practice and horne their sport in the school premises

Dr.PGV Institutions

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